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Jennifer Luckow, Safari Specialist

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A native of Great Britain, Jennifer is a Travel Industry veteran with many years in both retail and wholesale. She is quite familiar with South Africa – having lived there for nearly 10 years. She has also visited Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi in Zambia and considers herself an expert when it comes to the fascinating and varied country of Namibia. Most recently, she returned from an amazing adventure in Botswana – and is only too willing to share her magical time there with you. Jennifer loves the challenge and rewards of creating perfect ‘dream’ safaris where comfort is guaranteed but the ‘Animal Kingdom’ dictates the day.


Judy Sumka

July 7th, 2017

Our Magnificent Experience

Good Morning Jennifer,

We arrived home yesterday and I didn't want to wait to tell you what a magnificent time we all had. You made me look so good, Jennifer!! The group kept saying how well I had done at picking our the various accommodations, and how the various experiences were scheduled. I told them the mysterious Jennifer had done it all. They kept coming up to me and saying: "is this your doing, or the mysterious Jennifer's?" and I kept having to respond that it was you.

Here is a short summary of the trip.

Capetown: We loved the hotel. It had a bed and breakfast feel. The breakfasts were excellent and the rooms were superb. The hot water bottles in bed were a great touch. Breakfast was heavenly, although the breakfast room was quite cozy and sometimes we had to wait for a table. Our guide Gaston, from Thompson tours was great. We did not get to see the fur seal colony or do some of the wineland tour because of the weather which was iffy at best.

Kapama Game Camp: What a deluxe operation! Guides were great, meals were phenomenal. No one minded getting up at 5 for the game tours, then there was a cup of coffee and a snack waiting along with a hot water bottle and a blanket in the vehicles,which could hold as many as 10. We went in two groups of 6 and 7, respectively, and saw a lot of animals, including a group of 3 lions stalking a herd of antelope.

Johannesburg: Nice accommodation but our least favorite. Connected to a large casino complex. A few gambled. I understand there are limited choices here.

Zimbabwe: Other than a 2 hour wait in line for visas (written manually, and slower due to a large amount of incoming passengers participating in a marathon the next day) this was a great visit. All of us loved the Ilana lodge and the sundown cruise. Our guide for Victoria Falls and the village visit was Luckson from Thompson tours, and he was very good. We only met one person at the village homestead because it was Sunday and everyone was at church. We could not purchase any handmade items, or give the gifts that we bought in person. This may be something for you to keep in mind. 

Chobe: This lodge is a real delight! The staff were superb, and meals were wonderful. We loved the additional game hunts on the added a whole new dimension to the experience.The staff even had a private dinner for us the first evening. Were were able to see a lot of game activity as well, including 2 kills. the roads are much rougher there, but we had an excellent guide, DK, who added a lot to the hunts.

I've talked to Betty as well, and she said she had excellent care in Johannesburg. Patrick and Matthew from Thompson took excellent care of her. Patrick also took fine care of us while we were in Johannesburg.

I cannot thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful time. 

Thank you again Jennifer.



Pamela R.

June 13th, 2017

We Felt like Queens!

Upon arrival to South Africa, we felt like queens! We were greeted and taken care of like we were famous! The tours planned were outstanding and the accommodations were perfect. Couldn't have imagined better. Loved the game reserve and seeing the Big 5. Amazing. Thank you African Travel. We will be booking with you again in the future. 




February 9th, 2017

Once in a Lifetime Experience


I sent you a tiny thank you for all your hard work and patience with me and this booking.  You really are awesome!  Look for something around the’s not much but you’re the reason my client is going to have a once in a lifetime experience.  Thank You just barely scratches the surface.  This was my first safari ever and because you are so on point with everything it was one of the most enjoyable bookings I have ever done.

Thanks Again,



Steven & Marjorie Wood

August 8th, 2016

Already Planning Our Next Safari!

We had a fabulous trip, every accommodation was terrific and the connections between the five locations of our journey were seamless. All of our special arrangements were well met. This was our third (and best) safari and we are already planning our next safari adventure. We will definitely use Africa Travel when that time comes.



Christine K.

November 23rd, 2015

My husband and I have visited Africa three times.  We have used African Travel, Inc. each time and have been more than satisfied.  The personalized attention we received was second to none.  Any and every request was met with enthusiasm and a prompt reply.  All of our questions, no matter how trivial or how involved, were fully answered.  Once in Africa, we felt safe, pampered and special because of the excellent ground arrangements.  We saw and experienced everything we wanted because of the outstanding drivers/guides.

Being a repeat customer more than once, speaks volumes about our level of satisfaction. I can unconditionally recommend African Travel and will use them to arrange future trips to Africa.

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