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Why Egypt

Discover an ancient civilization, a world of wonder, where time is measured by dynasties, and distance by the setting sun. Always bustling, Cairo is a juncture of four worlds: modern and ancient, Christian and Muslim. Explore the Ancient World, the three Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramid of Cheops, largest in Egypt is still mysterious 45 centuries after its construction.

Marvel at the majestic Sphinx. Sail the Nile, the world’s longest river, and discover the Valley of the Kings and the magnificent temples along the way. The grandeur and beauty of Ancient Egypt’s colossal monuments never fails to astonish.

Quick Info

Accommodations: Large city hotels from moderate to luxurious, mid-size cruise ships along the Nile.

Gameviewing: Air-conditioned cars and minivans, walking.

Getting Around: Scheduled flights and via cruise ship along the Nile.

Other Attractions: Luxor, 500 miles south of Cairo, has been the site of some of the greatest archeological discoveries. This is where the royal tombs of Seti I, Ramses II and Tutankamon are located in the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings.


HI/LoF Rainfall
JAN 65/47 1"
FEB 69/48 1"
MAR 75/52 .08"
APR 83/57 .04"
JUN 95/68 0"
JUL 96/70 0"
AUG 95/71 0"
SEP 90/68 0"
OCT 86/65 .03"
NOV 78/58 .08"
DEC 68/50 .01"

Egypt Tours

Add-on $4,595

Royal Egyptian

8 days from $4,595 per person





The great pyramids of Giza, Aswan’s Temple of Philae, the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut’s Deir el-Bahri are just a sampling of the extraordinary World Heritage monuments to Egypt’s ancient royalty that you’ll explore on this journey. From Cairo to Aswan and throughout your luxurious four-night Nile cruise, you’ll be joined by a private expert Egyptologist, enlightening you about the mysteries of this ancient cradle of civilization.

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Add-on $7,295

Egypt, Exclusively Yours

9 days from $7,295 per person





The mysterious world of Egypt’s pharaohs and pantheon of gods comes alive on this journey through “the cradle of ancient civilization.” Explore Cairo and the pyramids and cruise the Nile River, visiting the Valley of the Kings, Karnak and Aswan.

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Add-on $16,095

Cape to Cairo

16 days from $16,095 per person

Egypt Kenya South Africa Zimbabwe




This comprehensive adventure features the most sought-after highlights on the African continent including the cosmopolitan sights of Cape Town, the grandeur of Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi River, the endless game viewing opportunities in Kenya’s Masai Mara and the towering Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt.

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