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Why Namibia

Namibia is a place of great contrasts, characterized by vast open spaces, endless horizons and dramatic desertscapes. The country’s rare plant species, magnificent wildlife, and incredible night skies offers some of the most mesmerizing scenery in the world.

The Fish River Canyon in the south cuts an impressive 100 mile long gorge into an otherwise flat landscape, while the iconic red sand dunes of Sossusvlei tower more than 900 feet above the surrounding plains. With its shimmering salt pans, Etosha National Park is Namibia's premier wildlife destination. Large herds of plains game concentrate around the waterholes in the dry season, while the summer rainfall welcomes abundant new life.
In the north, the haunting and evocative, Skeleton Coast is known for its swirling mists and shipwreck strewn shorelines. The Kunene region with its stark plains and ancient valleys is one of the harshest environments on the planet. Here, the most reliable water source is the fog created by the cold Atlantic Ocean and warm air of the desert. Yet, this living desert thrives with life in all its unique and varied forms, from the bizarre welwitschia plant and solitary oryx to the rare brown hyena and desert adapted rhino and elephant.
For a truly off the beaten path experience, venture to the remote north, home to the statuesque Himba, one of the last true nomadic tribes on earth. Namibia’s hidden treasures are for those who appreciate an unspoiled and authentic experience.

Quick Info

Accommodations: Sophisticated and luxurious lodges and city resorts, modest yet comfortable B&Bs.

Gameviewing: Pop-top minivans, land cruisers and open vehicles.

Getting Around: For those who have the time to cover the vast distances and great desert expanse; the roads are well marked and routinely maintained. Small aircraft transport between regions is recommended.

Other Attractions: Dune boarding and sea kayaking south of Swakopmund, rhino tracking, cycling and camel treks in Damaraland. Visit the Kunene River region in the far northwest for an opportunity to interact with the nomadic Himba


HI/LoF Rainfall
JAN 86/63 3"
FEB 84/63 3"
MAR 81/59 3"
APR 77/55 2"
JUN 68/45 0"
JUL 68/45 0"
AUG 73/46 0"
SEP 79/54 0"
OCT 84/57 1"
NOV 84/61 1"
DEC 88/63 2"

Namibia Tours

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Namibia Desert Escape

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This flying safari promises a one of a kind wilderness experience for seekers of the remote and profound. Marvel at the stark scenery, desolate coastlines endless ancient valleys and desert adapted wildlife.

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